A day in the life of a marketer

Client: Mapp
Project: Card Game "A day in the life of a marketer"

Involvement: Concept and Art Direction – in collaboration with 42ponies*
Launch: September 2016 – at the dmexco expo

All cards are dealt out equally. Player to left of dealer selects a category on his topmost card and reads out the numerical value. The other players have to read out their category values. Highest (or for annoyance the lowest) value wins. Winner takes the cards from the other players and places them at the bottom of his or her pile.  If two cards have same value per category, players place them at the bottom of their piles and move on to next card. Winning player then continues with new topmost card. The game ends once a player has won all cards.



Image Credits / shutterstock.com: Victor Z, Ilya Bolotov, miniwide, Titov Nikolai, Digiart CT, Aleksey Vanin, Cienpies Design, Salapao2u, MimaCZ, Michael Beetlov, denk creative, PureSolution, Makc, Fine Art, Jane Rix, Jane Kelly, Vector pro, A-R-T, SFerdon, RedlineVector, Alexandr III, browndogstudios, bay015, Tribalium, Rauf Aliyev, Maquiladora, lukpedclub, Ezepov Dmitry