Retarus Vision Board

Client: Retarus Group
Project: End-of-year campaign

Involvement: Idea, Concept and Art Direction
Campaign period: December 2014

A vision board helps you clarify, visualize and maintain focus on your goals and aspirations. What is it that you aim to achieve? What would you like to change? What is truly important to you? As a person, a family member or a friend? As a business partner, employee or supervisor? A vision board ensures that you become aware of your goals and, importantly, that you don’t lose sight of them. Why? Because if you have a clear picture of what you really want, you almost automatically sense (both consciously and subconsciously) which courses of action will lead you to your objectives. Create your own personal vision board and you will be astonished how your vision will come to life… your life!


Picture Credits:, Creative Travel Projects